Seven Hills



All of the Seven Hills West Vineyard is planted to “Vertical Shoot Position” system.  The older plantings were planted at 600 plants to the acre and are over 30 years of age, but producing high demand quality fruit.  The balance of the acreage is 14-19 years of age and planted to 1000 plants per acre.  Vines are self-rooted plants.

Heat units for the site average 3000 -3200 units annually, and precipitation averages 7-10" annually.

The vineyard in on drip irrigation, and soil moisture and plant water status is monitored throughout the summer.  Additionally, the vineyard is “LIVE” and  “Salmon Safe” certified adhering to ridged sustainable farming practices and is third-party certified.

All fruit is hand-harvested at crop levels targeted at 3-3.5 tons per acre.  Fruit is sold by the acre.  Prices vary depending on the variety, performance and history of the individual blocks.