Pepper Bridge Vineyard was first developed in 1991 by Norm McKibben with 10 acres in the original planting.  The wineries committed to the original planting was L’Ecole, Leonetti, Seven Hills Winery, Andrew Will, and Woodward Canyon; providing them with some of the first Walla Walla Valley fruit.  Vines were planted every year thru 1999, with current acreage at 175 acres.  The oldest vines are 24 years old, and the last planted vines are 16 years.  Norm McKibben sold the vineyard to Premiere Partners in 1998.  Tom Waliser developed the vineyard for Norm and Premiere, and still farms the vineyard today. 

Pepper Bridge Vineyard has been acclaimed as one of the best vineyards in the Walla Walla Valley, and has seen award-winning wines produced with every vintage by its winery clientele.