The vineyard is trained to a modified Vertical Shoot Position on the Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah, with only one wire on each side holding the shoots upright, with some natural flop allowed.  The Merlot is trained to a modified Smart Dyson system to increase production levels in the block.  All of the varieties are planted to 871 plants per acre, at 5 x 10' spacing.

Grapes are generally harvested from early October to the 3rd week of October, depending on the variety.  Vines are planted 5' apart on self-rooted plants and are cropped at 3.5 tons per acre.

All fruit is hand-harvested with supervision and strict quality control standards.

Prices for the fruit vary depending on the history and performance of the individual blocks, but are generally our lower priced fruit in the system.

Heat units for the site average 2800-3000 units annually.  Precipitation will average 6-8" of rainfall,  occurring almost entirely in the winter and spring months. 

The vineyard is planted on a south faced aspect, a fairly windy and dry site, but ideal for vineyard conditions.

Mirage Vineyard is not farmed to LIVE or Salmon-Safe certification.