Thomas Waliser

Currently Tom is the Vineyard Manager for Pepper Bridge Vineyard, Seven Hills West Vineyard, Stone Valley Vineyard  and Summit View Vineyard for Premiere Partners in the Walla Walla Valley.  In addition, Tom is also the consulting manager for Premiere’s Tri-Cities’s vineyard properties, Candy Mountain and Mirage Vineyards.  These vineyards comprise approximately 480 acres and are all in full production today.  It is Tom’s responsibility to oversee all operations of the vineyard, and to ensure that the best quality wine grapes are being produced in these vineyards. 

Tom began his career in vineyard production in 1991 with the development of Pepper Bridge Vineyard, and with Seven Hills Vineyard in 1994.  This required the planting of most of the acres to new vineyard, installation of irrigation and trellis systems, and the grooming of the vineyards into some of the finest in Washington State.

Tom is the contact person for all allocation of wine grapes from all of the Premiere vineyards,  coordination of harvest, and viticultural questions in the vineyard.

Vineyard Ownership and Management Information 

Premiere Partners IV owns the Pepper Bridge, Seven Hills and Stone Valley Vineyards.

Premiere Columbia Properties owns the Summit View, Candy Mt. and Mirage Vineyards. 

Emerald AG, LLC is the Washington farming business, owned by Tom Waliser, that Farms Pepper Bridge Vineyard in Walla Walla, Washington.

BMF-Emerald AG, LLC is the Oregon farming business, owned by Tom Waliser, that farms Seven Hills West, Stone Valley and Summit View vineyards. 

AgriMAC is the farming business owned by Tim McLaughlin and Tom Gausman that farm the Tri-Cities properties of Candy Mt. and Mirage Vineyard.  Tom Waliser consults on the properties.  The properties are owned by Premiere Columbia Properties. 

Hancock Farmland Services is the Asset Management Company overseeing the Premiere Partners IV properties, Pepper Bridge, Seven Hills, and Stone Valley Vineyards.  Hancock Farmland Services will invoice for all grape sales from these vineyards and payments will be sent directly to their office.

Contact Info

Hancock Farmland Services
301 East Main
Turlock, CA  95380
PH: 209-410-7882 (Office)
FAX: 209-669-0811

Pepper Bridge, Seven Hills West,
Stone Valley Vineyards

Tom Waliser

Summit View Vineyard
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Candy Mt. and Mirage Vineyards
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